Fortress Verrucole

A short distance away is this impressive defensive work built by the Este overlooking the Serchio valley and recently restored. From the year 2013, the Fortress now has a new look, recreating within the walls of a human settlement in a given period storico.Verranno recreated the conditions of life inside the fortress from the XIII century with materials, techniques and methods of the period, thanks to its animators, will be re-created civilian and military environments and revaluations of existing ones.


This large nature reserve, managed by the Forest Service is easily accessible from the hotel is a walking path or drive. Inside you can admire various species of animals, deer, fallow deer, wild boar and that exceptional predator is the wolf, the wildlife enclosures can also admire specimens of brown bears, which up to three centuries still lived in the lands of Garfagnana. The visitor center houses a museum that illustrates the main naturalistic aspects of the area. The paths of park are all well-marked paths and duration ranging from one hour to the whole day. In the nature reserve you can take excursions on horseback or mountain bike to discover its secrets through guided tours by the State.